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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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white president obama invades the press corps, yesterday the fearless leader took time out of the busy golf schedule to call into the radio show to talk about the looming sequester cuts and during the hard hitting interview, president obama says all republicans care about are the evil rascally rich people. and you can't make this stuff up. listen to this. >> and in speaker boehner is out there in the wall street journal and understand the impact. and i don't understand why anyone would risk this when it will impact so many people across economic lines, racial lines, party lines, i mean, it's just going to be something that hits everybody. >> well, my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations. and they would prefer to see
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these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over coasting tax loopholes and that's the thing that binds their party together at this point. and this is a major argument, obviously, we've been having for the last three years. >> oh, president demagogue strikes again. is this really what president obama thinks binds the republican party together? now, frankly, i can't think of anything more demeaning or insulting to think about conservatives. as the administration has proven time and time again, when they can't think of anything substantive. lies, propaganda, disportion and pretty sad especially with the president. and let not your heart be troubled. have a nice weekend. greta is here next and we'll see you again monday. >> tonight, are you ashamed? rush limbaugh says you should be.
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>> it makes me ashamed that we have sunk and descended to this level in our politics. >> the white house now trying to push back and make the political argument of their own, that this is going to be really a harmful and it's going to hurt the public. >> and you see this anytime any government agency has to cut this budget and is threatened with any sort of budget cut. it puts out the story that's likely to create the greatest amount of fear. >> and they have to spend time refuting such things as air traffic control will shut down. the military will shut down. this won't be any firefighters. there won't be any cops and not once, folks, we're now into the 7th or 8th episode of this in the last two years. >> the president's using his bully pulpit and he's scaring people and bringing out the voices and you unleashing his cabinet to do the whole dog and pony show around the country. >> the indiscriminate deep cuts will affect everyone, really, in america.
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>> travelers should expect delays. >> be it this, the questionster, be it the fiscal cliff argument. be it one of arguments over raising the debt limit. in each case, we've been forced to refute a bunch of out and out ridiculous lies. >> the president is making stuff up. he puts law enforcement, he puts firemen and policemen, who 98% of them are paid for with your local taxes and say you're going to lose your local policemen because of this. it's not true. and while all of this is happening, while all of these allegations, austerity, what we're actually doing is ruining the country and spending more than we had. and creating more dependence. the whole thing is shamefully absurd. >> the sequester deadline now just one week away and the
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gps, superpac launched by karl rove launching a new video called obama's mess. >> you're in washington and sequestration are a bad idea. are you willing to see a bunch of first responders lose their jobs. teachers laid off. senior, airport security. scrambling to find child care, and vaccinations and cancer screenings, a bad idea, a booed idea. >> the sequester was the administration's idea. >> they were president obama's idea. >> the so-called sequester was the president's idea and signed it into law. >> the white house recommended it and back in august. >> and it seems like every three months around here, there's some manufacturing crisis. >> from our new york city mayor rudy guiliani joins us,
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good evening, mayor. >> good evening, greta. how are you. >> i'm well. i assume this video was put out to poke a little fun at the president and bob woodward by the way, put online that the president and jack lew had it wrong that it was the president and administration's idea to come up with sequestration, what difference does it make? >> the president has created this doomsday scenario in order to, you know, frighten people into avoiding the kind of cuts we have to make in order it balance our budget. i mean, the person doing damage to america is president obama. who is going to pay it, your children, my dinner, they're going to pay it and they're going to have to pay that debt for his overspending and they're creating real peril for the american economy, long-term substantive peril, all of the stuff that you just
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had on. this is been going on for, 20, 30 years, we're going to lose the statue of liberty and the buildings are going to fall down and no police on the street and i heard that when i was mayor of new york, i had to cut 2.3, 2.4 billion and they tried to make it sound like the city was going to disappear. we cut it, the city is better off than it's been before. and fiscal discipline is something that a president is going to have to bring to government. if he couldn't, it's hard for the legislator to do it. he's been fiscally the most undisciplined president in the united states. >> couple of things, the fact that he doesn't seem it remember it was his white house idea and he okayed it on the sequester and either means he has a bad memory, which is not a good sign or he's trying to be petty or trying now that he finds himself in hot water to blame somebody else that looks petty. the second thing for the life of me, i don't understand this and see if, if i'm correct, but as i understand this
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so-called cut is that-- is that february 28th we have a certain level of spending, on march 1st, that spending is supposed to go up. and what the sequestration does, it says it doesn't go up as much as we wanted it. so, it really isn't that we're cutting anything, so if we're not cutting anything, why are we laying people off? i mean, i don't get like. >> it's childish. greta. >> greta: i don't get this. >> this is so childish. these people shouldn't be governing us. this is silly, you're absolutely right. this is not a cut in spending. this is cutting how much more we were going to spend. so it isn't a cut, it's a reduction in the amount of money, we're still going to spend more and you look at the percentage that it is of our entire federal budget. to make the claims that the country is going to end is just as false as his claim he wasn't responsible for the sequester. remember, he made that claim during the third debate with
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romney and jack lew immediately misrepresented and supported it and took woodward to come out that it was totally false and untrue and i think "the washington post" gave the president four pinochios for make the false statement. a completely false statement. it was his idea, it's a stupid idea. it's a side that shows how irresponsible he's been in dealing with our economy. and this has been the worst president for our economy in the history of this country. >> i know, but tell me how-- i hear the story about people getting pink slips and i don't want people to suffer. if we have a sequestration and we have a slowed spending increase, why would anyone even be laid off? because we're spending more even with the sequestration. >> i don't get it, greta and the people he's talking about are being laid off are paid for by state and local budgets. and those firefighters and rescue workers and everything
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else, they're paid for by, you know, the city of los angeles and the city of new york and the state of california and the state of texas and these are not -- we're not talking about federal workers, no reason for massive layoffs if it's just a reduction in the increase in spending and not a real reduction in spending. maybe there'll be some layoffs, but not massive layoffs and you know something, the federal government needs some layoffs. we employ way too many people in the federal government and that's why we're spending a trillion dollars more than we have. if anybody thinks the federal government is efficient, then you're on mars. the federal government is highly inefficient. it could use a 5 or 10% cut. it will make it a lot more efficient. >> greta: and always nice to see you, mayor. >> thank you very much, greta. he see you soon. >> greta: thank you, sir. virginia governor bob mcdonnell joins us and governor, nice to see you, and you believe that sequestration will hurt your state. is that correct? >> well, i do, but more importantly, i think it's
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going to hurt national security and it's going to balance the fiscal problems of the united states on the backs of the men and women in uniform. we love the military here in virginia, but the policy is just reckless, it was put in place 18 months ago, really to be a hammer and get people to talk and guess what they failed. the president hasn't led and congress can't get a deal. the fiscal health of our country is dysfunctional. now, we've got 50% of all of this 1.2 billion dollars in cuts on the backs of the military and that's wrong about it and there's no taking on entitlements. that's the problem, a bad policy. >> couple of things, is means 2.4 cents on every dollar for the increased spending that we're planning, not on existing spending, but what was the spending that's going to go up as of march 1st, so 2.4 cents. the second thing is, there's something fundamentally wrong where the people who make these decisions, make the
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incompetent decisions if they think that sequestration is really a bad idea and they're the ones that make it, and they're not the ones that are going to pay the piper on this. that's the unfortunately thing. if the president and jack lew came up with a really dumb idea and the republicans thought, gee, that's a really good idea we're going to join your dumb idea and everyone else is supposed to suffer, go figure. >> well, what's the deal on august 11th and we didn't go over the fiscal cliff, greta and have the debt ceiling expire and everyone thought the super committee would get it worked out and the president handled that in the third debate he picked it and doesn't get it done. >> governor, it failed in november of 2011 and what did everybody do between 2011 and now, nothing. the president played golf and congress went on recess, everyone took, everyone took this time. pay the piper on this. they went to work and nothing to stop them after the super committee failed to actually get down to work and instead
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they did. and we're sad they campaigned to get their jobs back. >> you're exactly right. look, it takes leadership and it starts at the top. the president is the commander-in-chief and his own secretary of defense says the cuts will be devastating. the united states military and national security and now the president is running around doing press conferences when he should be in a room with congress trying to figure it out. here is the problem, greta. we need to cut. the sequester is only 1.2 billion dollars, that's not even one year of the deficit so it's a drop in the bucket and we've got to do a lot more with a 17 trillion dollar debt, but you don't do half of it it on your men and women in uniform when you're trying to recognize a peace dividend and war in iraq and unsettled around the world and that's the fundamental problem and it's a reckless policy. >> well, i'd like to see the pentagon get audited and that's only fair and we don't do that. look at the last time we we reported on the record, july 2011 and june 2012 that the department of labor paid 5 billion in improper unemployment benefits so i
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suspect if we got 5 billion at labor in one year, i suspect the pentagon has got some issues, too, but we can't get an audit of the pentagon. >> no, i don't think there's any question about it, the $300 hammer story. there's no question every area of tit should be cut. not 12% of the of the budget and 50% of the cost of the sequester when you don't even touch entitlement spending. greta, everybody in washington knows you can't balance the budget and you can't get the spending and debt under control unless you take on entitlements. the president won't do it. and so, until he leads. and we're not going to get anywhere. >> boy it's going to be interesting to see what happens a week from now, governor. as always, nice to see you, sir. >> okay. thanks, greta. appreciate it it. >> donald trump has a warning, he's predicted a big fat explosion, we spoke with donald trump a short time ago. >> nice to see you. okay, tell me, what happens if
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sequester goes into effect and we have the across the board cuts and what's going to happen with the economy, with jobs, there are lots of things people are saying are going to happen. so you tell me? >> well, i think not a lot is going to happen. it's a very small percentage of the cuts that need to be made and i think really, it's overexaggerated and a lot of things are not going to happen that people are thinking are going to happen and frankly, this is a very minor amount of attempts have to be made ultimately and a lot of people are saying that even democrats are saying that. >> it's hard to understand because there are a lot of scary things that are being said. the president says, the lines of tsa are going to be very long and in order to cut down on prosecutors prosecuting cases and what i don't get is this. is that sequestration is a slowed growth, it's not really a cut. so, i'm having a hard time understanding why we don't even just maintain the status quo, how it would have any impact. >> well, i think actually that's going to happen and i think that the cuts are not going to be as deep a see. i think you'll have to do a
7:15 pm
lot more cutting if you're going to balance budgets and a lot more cutting and no question about it. everybody knows it, the president knows it, congress knows it and this is just the beginning. >> what happens if we do no cuts at all and you know, in the next year or two, three, four years, let's say we continue to balloon our debt, debt and deficit? >> well, eventually you're going to have a big fat explosion and it's all going to come to an end. if we don't get-- if we're up to 17 trillion dollars in debt. nobody thought that was possible, if you look back 7, 8, 9 years ago, nobody thought that would have been possible. we're at 17 trillion dollars and you know, the word trillion we have been talking a long time, you and i greta. that was not a word in the vocabulary and now it's a very common, it's a very common word and we have to get our debt at least way down. i mean, we should be ashamed of ourselves to what we've let happen. now, the biggest losers are
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going to be our children, our grandchildren, but it will never be the same unless we do something and this is the time to do it. right now is the time to do it. if we could get the economy rolling, if we could get china and other countries that take the business away that we've just handed them on the silver platter and get our country great again. because it's not great right now. then that would take care of a lot of problems, but we're not doing that. you look at what's going on in india, china, so many countries, you look at what opec is doing to us, greta, with fuel. i see on your show, and on other shows where fuel is going to be setting records, records in terms of what's happening, and opec is laughing all the way to the bank. you look at what's happening with this countries, and we're just not going to come back. as somebody that knows what they're doing is in there. >> you used the term ashamed. that we should be ashamed of ourselves unless somebody knows what he's doing is doing the work. i'm curious, why are we in
7:17 pm
this mess? is it because of incompetence, lack of understanding and it's politics, about winning or a complicated issue? why are we in this mess? >> i think you could say it's all of the above, it's interesting and we're in it certainly because of incompetence. we're in it because we have people that don't know what we're doing and in it because we allowed people, we allowed other leaders of other countries to take our steak off our plate. to take our business away and you go to places, i mean, i go to other places, you go to brazil. you go to so many other countries, china being the number one culprit and you see what they're doing, and it's a miracle. the government has to roll it back, and the government has to keep it back and go up to 10%, 12% and the government does things to keep the business back. >> is president obama, does he have ultimate responsibility? because he's the leader and cost him to speaker boehner and the house republicans because they have so much, they have so much power.
7:18 pm
who could drive this? >> well, it's really everybody when you think of it. but the president is your leader, the person that has to get everybody into a room and say, hey, folks, let's make a deal and gets things going, we have to bring things back, and all of the things we've talked about over the last couple of years, whether it's medicare, medicaid, social security, it all does take care of itself. if we could get the, you know the engine of this country going again, but the engine, it's broken. it's really a broken country from an economic standpoint. in 2016 china will become the big economic factor of the world. that was unthinkable if you think back ten years from now, you go back ten years, it was unthinkable, but china will become the big economic power, 2016, that's right around the corner and we let that happen. and they have become the economic power on our bk. >> greta: you mentioned 2016. one last question, are you interested in running in 2016?
7:19 pm
>> well, i'm not, frankly, i mean, i was really enjoying myself. i really thought that mitt romney would do well. he's a wonderful man, but he didn't resonate, somehow people didn't catch on, he didn't catch on and it just didn't work and that was an election that should have been won. it should have been won easily, but there's a long time to go, there's a long time to wait and we'll see what happens. i would love to see our president do a great job. before everything else, i love it country, i would love to see our president take back our country and make it it great again, but right now, it's just not happening. if that did happen, all of these problems would automatically be solved. >> greta: always nice to talk to you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: okay, it's your turn, we want to know what you think about the sequestration, what's the bigger danger to the economy, spending cuts or not making any cuts at all. go to and coming
7:20 pm
up, new information tonight about oscar pistorius, we go live to south africa. that's next, and also, can hollywood help free a doctor jailed in pakistan. the doctor who helped track down osama bin laden part of an oscar nominated film. the united states is abandoning him, but can the stars set him free? the latest coming up, and ryan seacrest has been keeping a big, big secret. a new photo creating lots of buzz. you'll see it and find out the surprise that's behind it coming up or told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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>> tonight the olympian accused of murdering his model girlfriend is a freeman. at least for now. oscar p oscar pistorius was whipped away from the courthouse after he was granted bail. his uncle speaking after the hearing. >> we are relieved the fact that oscar got bail today. but at the same time we are in mourning for the death of reeva with her family. we know oscar's version of what happened on that tragic night and we know that the
7:25 pm
truth and that will prevail in the coming date. >> greta: the for the latest, adam wakefield joins us from johannesbu johannesburg, tell me, down where pistorius went after he was released? >> well, the-- very limited number of people within the criminal justice system know where he went, but on twitter to resume to report he went to a friend's house, so, it's unknown where he might be, but logic suggests one or the other. >> greta: what was it like in court today? >> well, hearing finished the closing arguments for the prosecution and generated a lot of discussion in proceeding pistorius did say he was released there would be a flight risk and he indicated the fact that since he wears
7:26 pm
prosthesis and require maintenance, couldn't get through airport security he wasn't a flight risk and an adjournment and addressed his judgment. ap that was very tense and i think the pistorius family was extremely test as they went through his judgment. >> greta: what is the reception like in south africa in terms of the people? are they split in terms of whether or not he's a hero and this is an unfortunate accident or a cad and a killer and domestic violence? what's the split among the people? >> that's very good question. i think, i think in terms of where public opinion lies on this matter it's been an ebb and flow he. as we've been going through the proceedings day by day, the new information, arguments and defense, caused opinions to change. and the popular news site and asked for about 3000 people and 75% said that it was fair and he was granted bail. and i'm sure activists groups
7:27 pm
and individuals might not be happy that he was granted bail, that he did receive pr preferential treatment that's what aim hearing from a source. >> greta: thank you. and oscar pistorius faces a rough legal road ahead, next hearing on june 4th. and joining us from capetown, nice to have you. and the 4th of june, the beginning of a trial or some preliminary proceeding. >> greta, no, that's just a provisional, i think that the trial is many months away, could even be the end of the year or into 2014. obviously, the prosecuting authority in convention with the police will now conduct further investigation. there have been certain problems that have come out in the case with regard to the
7:28 pm
forensic evidence and contamination ever the crime scene and the investigating officer testified during the the bail hearing, in posting bail for mr. pistorius ands' now withdrawn from the case. and he has some pending, a number of charges of attempted murder. there are all kind of drama played itself up during the the course of the week in the pretoria magistrate's court during the bail hearing. >> and so what, it will be interesting from a legal standpoint of the investigator is that from what i understand is that there's a huge risk that the crime scene was very contaminated and if it was contaminated that would necessarily be to the benefit of the accused if somehow this, this investigator had made a mess of the investigation going on. are you hearing that he's made a mess of the actual crime scene? >> we're hearing in fact the
7:29 pm
evidence during the bail hearing is that it was contaminated up to a point and there'll be further investigation as far as forensics are concerned. and all of these issues will be dealt with at the trial. oubl, the crime scene has been contaminated, that can affect the evidence, in fact, to such an extent that evidence obtained, forensically in the beginning, can be eventually exchewlude excluded. and that remains to be seen. my thought they appointed an investigating officer that should never have been appointed in the first place and should have been aware of the previous cases and pending cases against him and he put up a miserable performance during the bail hearing. and if you're going to impose bail you need to do so properly. >> greta: couple of quick questions. this will be a judge trial, right? you don't have juries?
7:30 pm
>> we don't have juries, this will be a judge trial, and they are legally qualified personals. >> greta: is the burden of proof on the prosecution and what's the standard? >> the standard is beyond a reasonable doubt. and it's on the prosecution at the trial different from what happened during the bail hearing where the onus or the burden rested on the-- on the court to release him. >> greta: it pretty much mirrors what we have in the united states. here we have a jury and can demand one or waive one. otherwise pretty much the same? >> yes, it's pretty much the same. the same kind of evidence is presented, cross examination, and i think other than the fact that a jury can in certain instances be allocated in the united states. everything else is fairly much the same in out africa. >> greta: william, thank you very much. >> great, thank you.
7:31 pm
nice chatting with you. >> greta: coming up, helpful hints from al-qaeda. no, it's not a joke. why is al-qaeda giving a list of tips and for whom are the tips. and also ryan seacrest has big news to share with his fans. is he getting married, having a baby or something else? stay tuned for this big ryan seacrest news. ♪
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>> if terror is a word not so serious, call it donnelling drones for dummies, it shows al-qaeda listing 22 tips for dodging drones. like hide in the trees and dolls to fake out the enemies. what does it tell you about al-qaeda. john bolton joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: so they located the tip sheet in mali. what do you think about this tip sheet? >> well, it's not exactly a high-tech response to drones, but it shows that al-qaeda is an adaptive organization, number one, that it recognizes this as a threat. and that it's taking steps to minimize that it may be excessively, excessive reliance that we placed on drones as a way of dealing with al-qaeda and number two the fact that it's distributed around the terrorist network
7:36 pm
shows how al-qaeda developed and metastasized around the world and a lie to the administration narrative that it's on the road to defeat because it doesn't have a meeting of a corporate al-qaeda board of directors doesn't mean the organization's not growing and spreading and remains a-- a larger threat than before. >> i think things have change dramatically. we've just signed-- the united states set up a drone base in africa and i think the nature of this whole war has changed dramatically and i'm surprised at this. >> well, i wish i believed that as well. i think this drone base and this is a good idea, but i don't think that we have a broad strategy. the french have made the sweep through northern mali and they're now withdrawing and we'll see whether the al-qaeda elements, the other terrorists there simply return and take over that territory again. you can't treat these incidents, the attack in
7:37 pm
benghazi on december 11th, the hostage seizing in algeria as one off unrelated events and we need a broader strategy to deal with al-qaeda in various manifestation, in iraq and the arabian peninsula and i don't see any evidence that the administration is being serious about that or our european allies while we're on the subject. but i say that we've turned the corner or that there's a new chapter in this because drones can be armed or unarmed and we have them now and at some point down the road, others will have them and sometime, and they will be used then against us. >> yeah, i mean, it's clear that china's developing a very he advanced drone capability, but like any weapon, it's simply an instrument. it's not a policy in the clinton administration, their favored response to a problem was to launch some tomahawk cruise missiles, effective weapons and they don't resolve the problem and our unwillingness to confront the reality that al-qaeda is a threat and it's a threat
7:38 pm
worldwide and it's a growing threat cripples our ability to deal with it effectively. if we don't acknowledge the reality, it's no surprise that you can't respond to it. >> well, i have no idea where this is going, i just know that it's very different and we need a national dialog on this. >> absolutely right. >> and ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> right now, the pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden remains in prison in pakistan and tonight, a call for hollywood to help. >> california activists asking oscar nominees from zero dark thirty and other films to put the spotlight on the doctor's plight. dominic di-natale has more from los angeles. nice to talk to you. >> reporter: great to talk to you, how are you doing. >> greta: very well.
7:39 pm
dominic, tell the viewers who the doctor is and what he did for the u.s.? >> the pakistani doctor who helped the cia verify the location of bin laden and his compound in pakistan. he basically ran a hepatitis vaccination program set up by the cia and went to the compound under the pretext of vaccinating. and the calls to the compound to set up the visits were copied or traced by the cia and they've got a voice print of bin laden's personal courier and they knew they were on to the al-qaeda leader. >> and so our navy seals go in and take out usama bin laden and leave behind the doctor and he's arrested by the pakistanis, isi, thrown in prison and tried for treason and 30, 35 years. and have we done anything to get him back or to help free
7:40 pm
him? >> the efforts to get the doctor out have been very weak, quite frankly, on this side of the u.s. government, both at the cia level and also the state department in an effort-- in its efforts as well and one of the reasons, the u.s. government is very, very scared when it comes to dealing with the pakistanis, because they're so material, it's part of the pakistani military which is very controlling inside pakistan to send militants over to afghanistan to attack on soldiers and n.a.t.o. soldiers over there. so, washington is very concerned about actually upsetting pakistan, even further. and you know, we give them up to 2 billion dollars a year in military aid and we're getting virtually nothing in return for that. he so, washington doesn't have to deal with this primarily and one of the reasons they haven't attacked the issue as much as you think they would. >> all right, so now some of the civilian americans are doing something with an ad. tell me about it. >> okay. this is a copy of the the ad. it ran in this week's hollywood reporter.
7:41 pm
it's the full page ad in the oscars special edition of the reporter and it's set up by a california philanthropist who basically was reading all our coverage, reading and listening to all of our coverage about the doctor and felt compelled to do something about it and he thought the air in which zero dark thirty about the bin laden rain was up for numerous awards and the people who made the film should be standing up and speaking about it, saying, hey, what about the doctor, in the movie, he'd been left behind. and the people who set up this campaign afridi is america's hero. and millions of people watching the oscar around the world and put the pressure on the u.s. government to get the man out and the world's terrorist, there would be no zero dark thirty without him.
7:42 pm
>> it's not just that he's in prison, he's being tortured is that right? >> that's right. his mistreatment has not ended at the hands of the isi. the pakistans that captured him and learned in the past 24 hours, he released a desperate plea to his family for some help to get him out. to get him out of the prison, because conditions are just getting considerably worse and he's fearful for his safety and that was communicated to the family in the past 24 hours, greta. >> thank you very much and i'm sure that a lot of our viewers are very interested in this, dr. afridi helped the united states immensely and now sitting in prison in pakistan. thank you, dominic. >> we do want to know what you think. will hollywood's help help get this doctor out of prison and should the united states do something? go to and tell us. coming up, a study that
7:43 pm
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and copay assistance that can reduce monthly orencia out-of-pocket drug cost to $5. if you're not satisfied after 6 months, you get that money back. call 1-800-orencia. >> after a big snowstorm, most people are happy to see snowplows. many people feel differently. a snowplow driver calling himself dog purposely burying cars and blocking driveways. he even made a video. >> oh, now you see it? oh that's a-- you want to find your car? you have to see me, ill he' let you know where it is, maybe. (laughter) see you later. won't find that (bleep) till spring. >> that snowplow driver seemed to be having an awful lot of fun and most people,
7:46 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either. ♪ [ enginturns over ] [ siren wailing in distance ] you know you forgot to take your mask off, right? we should probably get out of here.
7:48 pm
♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new beetle convertible. now every day is a top-down day. that's the power of german engineering. >> it could be the biggest clue yet in the disappearance of the missoni plane. the plane of the missing fashion mogul and here we go to arana. what did they just discover? >> well, authorities on the caribbean island of curacao, found wreckage of a plane and determining if it's the same one january 4th carrying missoni and friends as well as two crew members. >> greta: is the wreckage found in the water or on land? >> it was found in land from
7:49 pm
coming in from the sea. and local paper reported about it. so far, the missoni family is being very cautious and saying that we need media to wait until the authorities on the island confirms to be able to saesh whether it was that plane. >> well, unless it's been destroyed, they take the tail number and they make that identification. is there any reason to -- has the plane been utterly destroyed so there's no tail number? >> we don't know yet. so there ares there's been little information coming through from authorities. what we know so far is that suitcases belonging to missoni and to another italian man who was supposed to be on that plane were found in the past few weeks, very close to the island of curacao, and another island in the caribbean, so there is he' definitely some indication that something might have happened to that plane and that there might be
7:50 pm
the rest around that area. >> greta: is this the path the plane was expected to take and the crash field where the plane was headed january 4th? >> there's definitely an issue where currents would be taking a possible wreckage. as i was saying, suitcases belonging to that aaron were found relatively close to where the wreckage has been found. so, it is possible that it might be the one. there is a possibility that that is the case. >> greta: thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead. has ryan seacrest been keeping something from his fans? a new photo you have to see it. that's next. i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too.
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>> ryan seacrest, jimmy fallon and even jermaine jackson all hash it out tonight. is ryan seacrest keeping a secret about his personal life, marriage a baby? this photo is stirring lots of buzz, what's up with the child's car seat? well, sea crest put an end to the speculation, this is what came with the f-ford fusion we're using for red carpet
7:55 pm
season, very funny@ford. do you believe in ghosts? you might if you check out the abc news headline. a new service will let you tweet when you're dead. it works by analyzing your current tweets and learning your likes and syntax and generate its own tweets acting as your ghosts and while you're still leaving you can provide feedback. then the service will tweet for you after you're gone. the service launches next month. and a new mexico teen is lucky to be alive. capturing his four-story fall from a mountain ski lift. he was throwing a snowball at his friend when he fell. the good news, tweets teen okay after ski lift tumble. we suspect the teen learned a lesson in this and big, big news with michael jackson's brother, jermaine jackson name
7:56 pm
complete. i'm officially a jacksun with a u instead of an o. he says he changed his name for artistic reasonses and he missed today's court hearings performing with his brothers, the jacksons, those are with the o. whatever. jimmy fallon and michelle obama hashing it out. i'll he see you tonight and jamie fallon, bring your game face, mo. >> here is my game face. what's yours. >> the first lady tweeting game on jimmy, see you soon. mo. >> and her own photo. and jimmy could have their own game face. and hashtag and hash it out. and also don't forget to follow me on twitter@greta
7:57 pm
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